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Logo Design - Custom logos and branding every time! We have very competitive pricing.

Social Media Design - Custom social media pages, artwork for your posts, and creative e-mail marketing artwork. We can help you get your company noticed.

Print Design - The JW Specialties Team is committed to ensuring that your next idea for print work will be done with true professionalism and attention to detail. We specialize in circulars, postcards, flyers, calendars, etc. We have the capabilities to bring your vision to reality. We offer turnkey print and can offer distribution options on all pieces. We also have the capability to integrate your print media into web or social media based programs.

Social Media Design - From simple to completely custom, we can create one for you with professional graphics and logos.
Is your website an Investment or an Expense? At JW Specialties, we design professional, effective websites for our clients. We’ve developed sites for a wide range of companies in a variety of industries with fantastic results. We’re able to fully assess your company’s goals and custom tailor the right solution for your online needs.

  • Custom Website Design
  • Content Management Systems
  • Website Re-Design & Touch Up
  • Domain Name Registration
  • Website & Email Hosting
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Search Engine Submission
  • Website Maintenance
Social Media Marketing - We can help your business take advantage of social networking! Communication and advertising today has evolved to the point where constant communication with customers is a necessity. Social media is a part of our daily lives and is today’s popular way for everyone to communicate to everyone...about everything! Facebook®, Twitter®, YouTube® and LinkedIn® are a few popular outlets available today to help you better communicate with your clients, employees and prospective customers. With over 500+ million Social Media users, using social media outlets and having a presence on these sites helps to increase search engine traffic to your website! In addition, these outlets can instantly update and notify your customers and clients of: Special Offers, Events, Promotions, Activities, Seminars, and more.

Email Marketing - Reach your customers and prospects quickly. Email broadcasting is an affordable way to market your business that generates an immediate response. Unlike direct mail, there are no materials or postage expenses. Email marketing is 20 times more cost effective than direct mail. JW Specialties will design effective email campaigns that will highlight the added values of your business. After we develop and design your campaign, we will distribute your message to your target audience.

Email marketing enables you to:

  • Proactively communicate with your existing customers and prospects. Using existing email list.
  • Effectively increase sales, drive site or store traffic and develop loyalty.
  • Better target your promotions by easily segmenting your opt-in email lists using a variety of criteria or groups so that your promotions go to the individuals most likely to respond to your offer!

Digital Display Advertising - Display advertising allows targeting. It reaches the right person each time. We can place ads on sites your customers are likely to visit. We even allow you to use geo-location to reach a customer in a specific region or by postal code.

  • Flexibility   Online advertising is flexible. An online advertisement can be changed at your convenience. Your ad can be updated seamlessly with your product or service changes.
  • Monitor Your Success Real-time statistics and scheduled reports allow you to monitor how every campaign performs. We have intelligent monitoring to refine your ads as we analyze results.

Radio Advertising - JW Specialties will prepare a radio campaign that will work within your budget and deliver your message to the audience! Contact us for a FREE consultation and we will begin developing your unique radio campaign today.

Radio & TV Commercial - Script Writing We can prepare and help you with production of your next radio or TV commercial. We also offer Jingle Services. We can create a music jingle just for you! Talk to us about it!
JW Specialties combines in-depth customer insights with practical expertise in operations and economics to help our clients create sustainable, organic growth. We can help you with product management, pricing, marketing and branding, organization of all your advertising, media orders, obtaining new and keeping current vendor co-op and more.
Many suppliers, manufacturers, and distributors offer cooperative advertising programs (co-op) that your business can use. The term cooperative, in this business advertising context, means just what it says: If you spend some money, the manufacturer will also spend some money — the two of you cooperate to get the advertising job done and sell that manufacturer's product:

1. We will work with vendors' sales representatives. We will contact the sales reps and/or the marketing managers to get information on co-op programs available to you. We will then work with them coordinating the proper advertising for your program.

2. We get your ads preapproved. We must get your ads preapproved by the manufacturer we’re working with for you for quicker co-op claims.

3. We submit your co-op claims package. After the ads have run and the campaign is completed, we will submit the co-op claims package. The package includes the preapproval form, the proofs of performance, and a written/digital request for reimbursement of the promised percentage of the campaign.