Consulting & Media Strategy

The JW Team can help manage your marketing efforts from media pricing and ordering, marketing and branding, organization of all your advertising, obtaining new and current manufacturer co-op and more.

Consulting & Media Strategy | Co-Op Redemption | Media Buying & Scheduling


From planning the project to distribution or scheduling, get expert advice and insight to make your event or promotion more successful. When you purchase one of our products or services, we can help you determine what the best and most cost-effective method of distribution would be to reach your target market.


Many suppliers, manufacturers, and distributors offer cooperative advertising programs (co-op) that your business can use however claiming your vendor co-op can be time consuming. We work with vendors’ sales representatives and will contact the sales reps and/or marketing managers to get information on co-op programs available to you then work with them to coordinate the advertising for you. We can even get the advertising pre-approved for quicker co-op claims.

Don’t stress anymore, fill out our Manufacturer Co-Op Authorization Form to get started.


After artwork is approved, the next step is to order and get it shipped for distribution. Our turnkey program will coordinate printer, distribution, and shipping. We can take care of that for you.

Don’t waste time comparing target audience maps or printer prices. With over 25 years of printing and distribution experience, we can find the best printer or distributor for your area and give you the best options. Small and large print quantities available.

Ready-to-use and Custom Advertising Available!

Contact us for a FREE consultation and we will begin developing your unique marketing campaign.

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