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advertising strategy

Retail Store Advertising Strategy and Consulting

JW Specialties combines in-depth customer insights with practical expertise in marketing, operations, and economics to help our retail clients create sustainable, organic growth. We can help you with ad pricing, marketing and branding, organization of all your advertising, media orders, obtaining new and keeping current vendor co-op, and much more.

Learn some more about each of these:

  1. Marketing and Branding: We can help you get started and maintain your social media and email marketing strategies and components, and can direct you in the way to go with digital advertising medias, radio and tv commercials.
  2. Organization of Advertising/Media OrdersOur team will take a look at your current advertising and review all of it to ensure we’re utilizing available opportunities for your business. We will contact who is needed to get the best prices and the right advertising program for your business. We will be your go to team for any questions or needs, and will contact all vendors on your behalf and get all ads scheduled with the lowest price possible.
  3. Vendor Co-opWe will work with your vendors’ sales representatives and/or the marketing managers to get information on co-op programs available to you. We will then work with them coordinating the proper advertising for your program, and get your ads pre-approved for co-op, and submit your co-op claims package. We must get your ads pre-approved by the manufacturer we’re working with for you for quicker co-op claims. The package includes the pre-approval form, the proofs of performance, and a written/digital request for reimbursement of the promised percentage of the campaign.