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Email Marketing

email marketing tips

People are on the go these days. With social media, we connect faster and easier.  Is your business looking for new customers and way to reach them? Email Marketing is one way to reach them. Your customers are looking more to Mobile and Internet for deals before they shop. Let’s learn how to grow your list for your store.

Grow your list.

If prospects signed up because they wanted the gift and it is unrelated to your product, they will not be as likely to buy later on. In other words: Giving the wrong incentive prevents them from taking that first step towards your product, your offer, your conversion.

On the other hand, if you offer an incentive that is very closely related to your product or service, mental momentum is building. Around that time they are starting to think: “This is something that someone like me is interested in, something someone like me would use or buy” or “This is a topic I like”, “It was a good experience”.

The reason for signing up or registering does matter: Even if it is the exact same person that is signing up. Using different sign up mechanisms means different results down the line. (Grow your list by: Jordie van Rijn)

You can do it. Email Marketing is not as hard as it seems. It’s a great way to get those deals and offers out there and quickly.

  1. Print posters and flyers for your store. Put them by the cash register.
  2. Have a sign up pad with a quick name and email and train your cashiers to ask.
  3. Give incentives to your customers for signing up like a coupon or other offer that they can use the next time they come back.
  4. You can even give your cashiers incentives for each email the get.

Whatever the way is, get your store involved now and get those emails. It is still one of the highest used and read ways of getting your message across digitally. Don’t get out done by other stores. Start Email Marketing today!

Have questions or comments? Let us know about them. The JW Team